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16th century english oak romayne profile panel with cheeky nude man carving.

(January 09, 2013)

Cheeky romayne panel 1

cheeky romayne panel 3

A wonderful and rare 16th century english oak romayne panel.

Cica 1540

Depicting a delightful nude man holding a romayne profile ,which is facing forward ,it is rare to find a forward facing profile as they are usually to the side,with trailing flowers and and a cupid head to the top.

The carving of this panel is such quality with the detail to the flower stems and the little nude man just brings a huge smile to ones face.

Originaly from a piece of furniture such as a coffer or cupboard

8.5" wide

17.5" high

In very good original condition with a fantastic patina

cheeky romayne panel 4 


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