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A rare 18th century rushnip on quadruple base

(November 22, 2012)

18th century rushnip 4 leg 1

18th century rushnip 4 legs 2

18th century rushnip 4 legs 3

18th century rushnip 4 legs 4 

A rare 18th century wrought iron rushnip

Attributed to mid to North Wales,this example has no parallel with provenanced specimens.

The rather superfluous fourth leg has only been traced to Irish and Welsh rushlight holders to date,all of which display a candle socket of some form,with counterweight or rush clip format.

Please see The Rushlight and related holders a regional view by Robert Ashby page 58 which shows two examples of four legged design,the only two in the book.

I am attributing this example to wales as it was purchased in caernarvonshire and the candle socket is also typical of this area.

4.5" wide at base

9" high

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